Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm going back to Cali

So about a year ago I watched a webinar from a photographer out in California.  He and his wife own and operate a portrait studio, but they really had a passion for Boudoir.  So on a whim I decided to go to their workshop all by myself and see what happened.  Well for those of you who dont' know ... THIS is what happened ....

Pretty darn exciting right?  Well guess what?? Yeap, I'm going back to Cali.  I was a part of the webinar again last night and jumped on an opprotunity to go to the workshop again.  It's going to be wild and crazy like last time ... but this time ... it's going to be BETTER!  I'll be going in January ... so ladies, you better get booked before I leave because I will be coming back with amazing stuff just barely in time for Valentines!

Stay tuned ....

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