Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Need help with a diet plan and work out guide? How about FREE??

Many of us want to get in shape and loose weight for out boudoir portraits.  I am no exception!!  As many of you who know, creating personalized diet plans and work out routines or having them created for you can be expensive and time consuming. Or shall I way WERE expensive and time consuming! Introducing Spark People.  This is a free online tool that you personalize for you.  You enter your personalized information such as age, height, weight, your weight loss goals (how much you want to weigh and by when) and it creates a diet plan and work out routine for you!! You can view your meal plans by day or by week and it even creates a grocery list (separated into sections at the grocery store) and even lets you enter foods that were not on your meal plan by searching for it in their huge data base or entering the information yourself off the the nutrition info on the back of your foods.  Did I mention all of this is for FREE??

Go online and give it a try.  Statistics prove that having to be accountable for every bite of food you put in your mouth helps you loose more weight than dieting alone.  It also has a great supportive online community with lots of articles and online members to help you along your way.

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